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Sandbagger Premium:

Sandbagger Premium members can Create groups and get added reporting features.

Golf Groups allows you to view handicaps of your group members on one report.

How it Works:
Once signed up for Groups you will automatically get access to Group navigation buttons.
  • Create a group
  • Invite members to join your group.
    (If your golf buddy is already a member of the Sandbagger you must send the invitation to the email address the member used when he/she signed up.)
  • View Group

As an added bonus you will also get a report of all your scores not just the last 20.
Also a report that will calculate your handicap by course.

All for a $5.00 one time lifetime fee:

You must be logged in to sign up for Sandbagger Premium.

Note: The members of your group will not be able to see the Group Handicap report unless they also become a Sandbagger Premium member.