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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Now that The Sandbagger has adopted the World Handicap System can I still see my USGA Calculated handicap?
A: Yes, we have provided a button at the bottom of the left menu that will calculate your USGA handicap.

Q: Is there a maximum score on a single hole that should be used in calculating a handicap?
A: This is referred to as Equitable Stroke Control. Since The Sandbagger does not require you to enter your score for every hole it does not apply this for you. You should apply this yourself and enter your adjusted total score.

The maximum hole score (currently Equitable Stroke Control or ESC) for each player will be a Net Double Bogey. Net Double Bogey is Par + 2 + any handicap strokes the player receives.

Q: When I select Add a Score the golf course does not come up in the drop down menu - even though the course is in the list of My Courses
A: In order for the course to show up in the Add a Score page Course drop down it must have at least 1 tee full set of Slope, Rating and Par associated with it.

Q: How do I delete a course that I added to my list?
A: At this time a course cannot be deleted, however you can change the course to a different one using the Edit course feature.

Q: When I add a course it does not show up.
A: At this time a course cannot be added that has a apostrophe in it or quote. The database will not accept an apostrophe. Remove the apostrophe and try again.

Q: I logged in using a social login button and I already have data in my account, Why?
A: Using any of the social login buttons logs you into the Sandbagger using your social login email address. If your email address is already registered with the sandbagger then using the social login will log you into the account associated to that email address.

Q: I noticed that when I entered my scores out of date sequence that Sandbagger does not keep the scores in the correct order. Can this be corrected so that the correct score is dropped when entering a new one?
A: The sandbagger sorts the scores by the Date you specified you played the round on. If you entered the wrong date delete the score and then re-enter with the correct date.

Q: I sometimes only play 9 holes can I enter this into the handicap system.
A: Yes, If you enter the slope and rating for those 9 holes. Slope and Rating are usually calculated for a full 18 of a course. Entering a score for nine holes will make your handicap incorrect. 

Q: I am running our ladies golf league and am inquiring about your group handicap.How many people can you put into a group and is the price $5.00 for the whole group or per person?
A: How groups work is: Once you are a premium member you can create a group. You can invite as many people to join the group as you want for free, however all members of your group must have their own Sandbagger account and they have to update the account with their scores. Sandbagger users can be a member of your group without paying to become a premium member but they will not able to view the group handicap report only premium members have access to the report.

Q: I am not a premium member but a member of a group. How do I delete my membership to the group?
A: To delete your membership of a group when you are not a Sandbagger Premium Member when logged in goto the Sandbagger Premium sign up page at and at the bottom of the page there is a link to be removed from your group.

Q: I updated the slope & rating for one of the courses that I have since I put the wrong value in. However, this is not reflected in my handicap. It is still showing the old values. How do I change this?
A: You need to delete the old scores and re-enter them with the correct handicap and slope. Take note of the date also of the scores you are re-entering Handicap Differentials that are used for the handicap formula are calculated at time of add score submission.
Changing a course slope and rating will not change past Handicap Differentials only future ones. This is a good thing.
For more info on formula:

Q: I entered a phone number in the course phone field, however the call button does not show up in the my courses page?
A: The phone number must be in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx. Including the dashes. e.g. 555-555-5555.

Q: What is the maximum handicap?
A: As far as we know there is no set maximum handicap. This would vary by course if you used equitable stroke control.
The modification to the current Equitable Stroke Control calculation

0 or Plus Course Handicap
Maximum of 1 over par
9 or Less Course Handicap
Maximum of 2 over par
1-18 Course Handicap
Maximum of 2 over par
10-19 Course Handicap
Maximum score of 7
19-32 Course Handicap
Maximum of 3 over par
20-29 Course Handicap
Maximum score of 8
33 and over Course Handicap
Maximum of 4 over par
30-39 Course Handicap
Maximum score of 9
40 and Over Course Handicap
Maximum score of 10

Q: How can I see all my scores?
A: When you become a premium member you get a link on the left hand side to all your scores.

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to become a premium member?
A: No, you do not have to have a PayPal account to become a  premium member. On the PayPal popup window you can choose "buy as guest."